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January 31, 2011

swatches: hello kitty charmmy eyeshadow stick

I spied the Hello Kitty collection recently at Sephora. As expected, it seems to be pretty popular with a lot of people checking it out, so I was only able to get away with swatches for the Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks—for now, that is. 

Cupcake (pale gold-beige), Birthday Cake (light tan/bronze), Teacup (medium bronze), Cookies (warm brown), Sour Apple (gold-green), Fish Bowl (icy blue)

Overalls (pearly cool blue), Cream Puff (very pale lavender), Sweet Lavender (lilac), Cotton Candy (eggplant), Snowflake (silver)

Playground (dark gray), Kimono (near-black purply-blue)

The shades have super adorable names of course, although Cotton Candy kind of throws me off just because I don’t think of an eggplant/plum colour when I think of cotton candy.

All the Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks have shimmer to them, although some more than others. Friendship is MIA as there was no tester available.

I liked the smooth application of these sticks and the colour payoff is pretty good. I found Birthday Cake, Teacup, Cookies, Sweet Lavender, Playground, and Kimono to have the smoothest texture.

These sticks are exclusive to Sephora and currently $21 CAD. Do you see any shades you’d like to pick up for yourself?

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