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February 24, 2010

quo “renaissance flare” reconnaissance mission!

Jenelle and I were trolling Shoppers Drug Mart again and spotted a shiny new Quo display!

Clockwise from front left (all in Canadian dollars): All Over Colour Stick ($15), Pump Up The Volume Mascara ($14), Sheer Lipliner ($12), Jumbo Lipgloss Stick ($12), Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil ($15?), Renaissance Eyeshadow Quad ($20)

They’re calling it the Renaissance Flare collection. Today’s post has swatches and detail photos of the mascara, lipgloss sticks, and eyeshadow pencils, but here’s some info on the others:

  • All Over Colour Stick is a cream stick on one side with a dense, stiff brush on the other side to buff out the product

  • The eyeshadow quad palette is a compact with a mirror inside and comes with two small sponge tip applicators

  • I’m not a lipliner person, so I completely passed over the lipliners! If anyone requests it, I’ll check them out and swatch

Moving on…

Here’s the Pump Up The Volume Mascara. It comes in the standard black and brown, as well as a vibrant blue (“Turquoise”, pictured here) and a plum, “Amethyst”. Standard mascara brush, maybe a little bigger than I expected (coming from someone who uses CG Last Blast!)

The Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil is smooth and applies pretty easily. All of the pencils have some glitter or sparkle to them.

Peridot and Crystal are pencils with glitter suspended in a clear base. Note that all of the swatches are the result of multiple strokes, not just the one. I’m not into glitter applications like these (like the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitters), because it can distribute the glitter pretty unevenly.

Onyx is your basic black with a bit of sparkle. As you can tell from the swatch, it’s not a deep, pure black. Opal is sort of ho-hum for me, it’s not the sort of colour I wear and I didn’t like the colour payoff anyway.

The two that I’m totally in love with are Rose Quartz and Amber. They’re super pretty, super girly shades with great payoff. I’m totally picking up at least Rose Quartz when a Quo sale comes up.

My definite favourite of the entire display were the Jumbo Lipgloss Pencils. True to their name, they are basically lipglosses in pencil form because of their shine and slightly wet look. They are smooth, non-drying, and creamy and the ones we swatched were very wearable.

Pink Petal is a pinky champagne (seen here modeled by my homegirl). We didn’t swatch all of the shades (there are six in total) but this seems to be the most sheer of all of them.

Jenelle loves to get her tramp on, so she was really into the deeper shades, Currant and Daiquiri. Currant looks very purply but the inset photo is the same shade on her lips.

I have a total boner for this shade (Lavish). The colour is more accurate from the hand swatch (taken in the store); it’s a deep pink-red that’s very girly and spring-appropriate. The lip swatch was taken in my bathroom, but although I tried to correct the colour, it still looks a little orange (which it definitely isn’t) [April 3 2010] tried correcting the colour again and was more successful this time, the colour on the lips is more accurate now. Bonus: I took this picture a few hours after application and dinner (bun rieu, yum yum) and it looked the same as when I had first applied it!

All in all, I definitely recommend checking out the lipgloss pencils and eyeshadow pencils. In the future I’ll probably swatch the other two lipgloss shades, and mayyybe some of the lipliners and eyeshadow quads. The All Over Colour Stick looked promising but I was sort of lazy and didn’t feel like trying it on my face.