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February 9, 2011

wishlist wednesday: cute cardigans

I’m really in a cardigan mood right now. I was looking forward to finding a few more cardigan sweaters during my US shopping trip to see me into late spring but came away empty-handed—obviously it’s time for some online shopping. Here are a couple lovely finds (click the picture to go to the product page):

Knit Stripe Cardigan from Forever21 ($21.80 CAD)

Jack BB Dakota Rosie Sweater from Karmaloop ($42 USD)

RVCA Wren II Sweater ($51.95 USD)

January 12, 2011

wishlist wednesday: paperbag pencil skirt

I’ve always had a secret OL (office lady) side that loves the look of blouses and pencil skirts. But I never actually wore pencil skirts til I started working in an office. Now I’m even more in love with them <3 I love classic styles and fabrics with interesting details.

Cue this Sparkle & Fade Menswear Paperbag Skirt on Urban Outfitters. I dig the pleated “paperbag” waist and the menswear fabric (which is especially mesmerizing if you zoom in on the skirt). Urban Outfitters has a couple items with this paperbag-style waist—including trousers—but this one is my favourite.

[image from Urban Outfitters]

Urban Outfitters (online only): $59

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November 24, 2010

wishlist wednesday: awesome/geeky dinosaur graphic tees

Changing things up again this week with a non-makeup Wishlist Wednesday~~

Fun fact: I actually love graphic tees. I don’t get a chance to wear them very often any more because of the dress code at work, but I’m still all too tempted to snap these two up.

I do love carbs. Pasta, rice, potatoes… mmmmm…

Note the braces :B

[images from SnorgTees]

SnorgTees: $18.95 USD

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October 22, 2010

my inner office lady

There’s a side of me that really loves button-up blouses and pencil skirts :3

(The pictures are grainy because the lighting was actually pretty low.)

My favourite blouse ever. All of the darts in it make it the perfect fit for me and there’s a diamond white-on-white pattern.

I went shopping again last Saturday :x But but but I picked up this sweater on sale for $20~~ it might be hard to tell but it’s striped with solid white and see-through-ish white. It’s actually a medium, but it still works for a cute, slightly-oversized look.

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September 25, 2010

new earrings :3

I got a pair of cute wing earrings the other day. Today I’m wearing one on my helix. I would have tried to wear the matching earring under it, but it points in the wrong direction. The cuff on my lower helix piercing helps it stay sort of upright.

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September 10, 2010

I effing love this sweater

It’s slouchy in all the right places and ridic comfy. Excuse me while I get my inner librarian on.

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May 19, 2010

wishlist wednesday: guess by marciano lilac maxi dress

I haven’t been posting lately because my laptop is no longer reading my mouse and the idea of editing pictures with my pad is just ugh. I am, however, taking lots of pictures for posts in the meantime.

I’m changing up today’s Wishlist Wednesday with a wish for a pretty maxi dress instead of skin care or makeup products.

I would live in this dress all summer. I’m into the gorgeous colours of the floral print and the details, such as the studs on the straps (adjustable too!) and the ruching and tie at the back. You can click the link above or the picture to go to the Guess by Marciano product page and get a closer look at it.

What’s on your wishlist—makeup, clothing, or otherwise?

Guess By Marciano (online & in stores): $166.99 CAD

[image from Guess By Marciano website]

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